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    ”I notice that I don’t have as much of an erection as I used

to. Isn’t that just aging?”

The quality of erections changes throughout the life. Usually, good health, good exercise, good diet, low stress, no drugs or alcohol, and an interested and interesting partner are the best guarantee that you will have whatever genital reflex the body can have. Remember, though, the erection of the penis or clitoris is not necessary for a fulfilling sex life. It is not the measure of enjoyment, only blood flow. That changes through life, so erections change.

    ”Same thing for men? Can we keep it going?”

Absolutely. There may be less ejaculate, less pressure at ejaculation, different contraction sensations, less frequent and less firm erections, but psychasms and orgasms continue. All health habits should continue through life, and that includes sex. Not only does aging not stop sex or sex interest and arousal, but some of the changes that come with aging can be slowed by remaining sexually active, either alone or with a partner.

    ”Doesn’t a woman lose her ability, though? She gets old

down there.”

We get old everywhere. A woman might notice less lubrication in her vagina and some pain when stimulated genitally, so adding lubrication can help. The ability to have orgasm and certainly psychasm is not affected. Some of the genital reflexes and the contraction of the muscles in the pelvic area might feel differently than years ago, but different doesn’t mean less. It is just plain myth and ageist attitudes that view sex as decreasing with the aging process.


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